Vince is a plant based vegetable mince that is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those wanting to reduce the amount of meat in their diet. The creators of this product required a brand to market their product. As the brand grew, an online shop was required.


Vince, the character was created to give the product a voice and a personality. His interchangeable props help describe the flavour types - Mexican, Classic Kiwi and Italian.

It required a presence in the marketplace and the clean, fresh look was to attract not only the dedicated plant food eaters, but invite the larger group of people who eat meat free on occasion or those whom wish to add more veggies into their meat based meal.

It’s brand and the packaging as well as its delicious contents have successfully attracted sales and stockists and the founders have been able to expand their production to reach more shelves.

The online shop, powered by Shopify has been designed and customised. Find more about Vince and visit the site

Vince Vegetable Mince Online Store

Vince Apron

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